I found Barry on the yelp site and had high expectations based on the reviews.  Our experience surpassed expectation. He had a great read for my 10 year old son, my boyfriend, with some surf experience, and me, mom, just hang’n to have some fun. Beach lesson was great, water safety right on, sense of timing and success …perfect. I will recommend without hesitation and my son now aspires to make surfing a part of his life and so do we!

— Summer (Los Gatos, CA)

I recently moved to California and had friends visiting from Wisconsin. We decided to spend a few days at the beach in Santa Cruz and decided to take surfing lessons from Barry at Making the Drop. I cannot say enough great things about him and his friend Tyler, who also provided lessons for us. We had two adults, a 4 year old and a 10 year old taking lessons. They took time with each of us to make sure it was a positive and wonderful experience. They didn’t stick to a rigid time line or rush us, we all received personalized attention and amazingly all got up on a surf board (well I stood for a nanosecond before blocking my nose and chickening out). If you are looking for lessons, you want to hire Barry at Making the Drop. Both he and Tyler were amazing with our children. Have fun surfing and choose Making the Drop, you won’t be disappointed!!!

— Erica (Tracy, CA)

On a whim this summer I decided to learn to surf and having made the trip from the UK, I arrived in Santa Cruz totally unprepared for what to expect. I already knew from my email exchanges prior with Barry prior to my trip that he was definitely a good person; he had been very supportive and reassuring and this convinced me that all would be okay. And it was.
I struggled for the first couple hours, but Barry was endlessly positive and encouraging. By the time the session ended I knew I would definitely succeed in my goal if I could take another lesson the next day. I did finally have some amazing moments of actually feeling I was surfing and I thank Barry for that. He totally inspires trust, confidence and most importantly self-belief. I think Barry is successful because he is interested in people from a holistic standpoint and doesn’t just see his role as teaching surfing from a purely technical point of view. This definitely worked for me.

— Claire (London, UK)

Don’t look any further! Barry Green provides the personal attention, thoughtfulness and care you want from a surf instructor. Last year my family and I (I’m 54, the kids are 11 and 13) decided to take up surfing. We connected with Barry and now we are surfing by ourselves! By the end of the season, I was watching my wife and two kids riding waves with big smiles on their faces and lots of confidence. This year we plan on using Barry again, as we venture to more challenging breaks.

— Paul (Aptos, CA)

If you want the best surf lesson available I recommend Barry at Making the Drop. I was with Barry for 3 days and had a wonderful experience. I was just learning and couldn’t have asked for a more patient and knowledgeable instructor. Barry is very focused on the guest and the experience they have while surfing. I know I’ll be back to surf with Barry.

— Ryan (Vail, Colorado)

Surfing is an intensely personal and individual sport. It’s really nothing like tennis where you have an opponent that you are trying to “crush”. And, it’s not a team sport like football or basketball which emphasizes teamwork. Yet, the ocean will crush you unless you learn how to be a proper “team” player. Barry helps you learn how to efficiently and effectively team with the ocean and your stick.
If you’re looking for an ongoing relationship with someone that is an accomplished surfer, a relationship that can offer you insight that will help you become more accomplished at the skill of surfing, as well as serving as a catalyst for perhaps a more spiritual connection with life, then “Making the Drop” is your school. I’m not saying that Barry is a great spiritual-leader surfer; he’s not. But he loves life, he loves surfing and he loves people, and he loves to connect the three and share what he knows. And, he knows a lot.
Barry is honest, punctual, organized, patient, and friendly. He is also concerned about your safety and etiquette. Moreover, he loves to help you learn, and his enthusiasm and love for the sport, and his caring about your learning is extremely intoxicating. If you want to engage in more of a curriculum, and more of an ongoing “coaching” relationship, then I highly recommend Barry’s school, “Making the Drop”. You’ll gain much more than just a surfing experience.

— Neil (Aptos, CA)

Before I met Barry I had been surfing for two years and was just starting to ride a 6’4 hybrid surfboard. Even though I surfed a lot, I found myself holding back. I would stay comfortable and not push myself. I was having fun, but I wanted to get better and I felt stuck. When I started surfing with Barry my surfing really started to take off. I forced  myself to go for bigger waves and try to take bigger drops because I wanted to do well. Barry really helped me with that part of my surfing. Most of my inability to go bigger was mental. Barry taught me all of the body movements , weight shifts and other little techniques that helped my turns and maneuvers get better. Barry also helped me to think of surfing as a hobby and a healthy way of life rather than a way to get attention. My surfing definitely changed and so did the way I thought about surfing. In a very short time I went from riding that 6’4 hybrid to a 5’0 thruster. I’m only 13 and I’m super stoked that with Barry’s coaching I’m starting out with good surfing habits. Even though I live on the East Coast all winter I’m surfing as much as I can. I try to practice all of the things he taught me so that I’m ready for next summer.

—Luke (Massachusetts)

My son Luke had been long boarding for two summers when we first met Barry from Making the Drop. It seemed like Luke had gone as far as he could go on the board that he had, and  the waves that he was surfing. He wanted more, he wanted to push himself. Barry spent some time getting to know Luke and talking to both of us about his desires and goals. They surfed  for a couple of hours and after Barry observed  his good habits and bad habits, strengths and weaknesses, he talked with us about what he thought Luke could accomplish over the summer. I appreciated that Barry took into account Luke’s personality and his skills and came up with a holistic plan to improve Luke’s surfing for the next 3 months. After surfing with Barry a few times, Luke was riding a 5.0 short board at the Hook! He was stoked and so was I! The time spent with Barry in the water gave him the confidence to drop in on waves that he would have let pass by before. Lukealways loved surfing but now he is enjoying it so much more! Barry has given Luke something to work towards. When we came back to New England everyone was asking Luke “where do YOU normally surf”? It was great! Beyond the surfing I was thrilled with the practical lessons Barry was teaching Luke about life, goals, and priorities. I can’t wait for Luke to surf with Barry next summer. Thanks again for all the waves, wisdom and encouragement!

—Kim (Massachusetts)