Life looks different from the water...

We take surfing instruction to the highest and deepest levels possible.

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Meet Barry

Making the Drop founder Barry Green has been surfing for 30 years and coaching surfing professionally since 1998.

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Accommodations + Retreats

The MTD Surf House in Santa Cruz is minutes to world class surfing and great food and entertainment in town.

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Surfing is one of the most amazing and life-affirming activities a human can do, and Making the Drop is the first committed maneuver where a surfer stands up and drops down the face of a wave. We take surfing instruction to the highest and deepest levels possible. We specialize in private & semi-private instruction because personalized surf coaching is quite simply the most effective way to learn and progress as a surfer. We believe better surfing = better living, and see surfing as a lifestyle that offers endless opportunities to learn, grow and have fun!



  • World Class professional surfing instruction focused on you. The path to surfing mastery never ends, and having the attention & support of a trusted teacher is the best way to learn. It’s ultimately about the journey, not the destination and we want to be your guide.
  • Specialized surfing training programs & classes that take you to the level you want to go. What are your goals as a surfer, and how do you measure your skill & experience along the way? Making the Drop offers specific skill assessment and training programs that are unique in the surfing instruction industry.
  • A holistic approach to surfing that connects mind, body & spirit. Surfing is a great way to create and maintain balance in all aspects of your life!

Barry Green

Surfing-Wellness Coach
(831) 297-3029

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