Life looks different from the water...

We take surfing instruction to the highest and deepest levels possible.

Meet Barry

Making the Drop founder Barry Green has been surfing for 30 years and coaching surfing professionally since 1998.


Surfing is one of the most creative, life-affirming, all-encompassing human endeavors possible.  Making the Drop is the initial point of commitment where a surfer transitions from paddling into the wave prone to standing to navigate the descent down the face of the wave. The mission of MTD is to take  surfing instruction to the highest and deepest levels possible. Personalized surf coaching is the most effective way to progress as a surfer, and I see surfing as an essential component to a thriving & fulfilling lifestyle. Whether a serious competitor or lifelong weekend warrior, I look forward to the opportunity to coach you forward in your surfing progression!



  • World Class professional surfing instruction focused on you. The path to surfing mastery never ends, and having the attention & support of a trusted coach is the best way to learn. It’s ultimately about the journey, not the destination and everyone benefits from having a mentor/guide.
  • Specialized surfing training programs & coaching programs & clinics that take you to the level. What are your goals as a surfer, and how do you measure your skill & experience and potential? Making the Drop offers detailed skill assessment and training programs that will elevate your performance in the water and on land.
  • A holistic approach to surfing that connects mind, body & spirit. Surfing is a great way to create and maintain balance in all aspects of your life!

Barry Green

Surfing-Wellness Coach
(831) 297-3029

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